Wednesday, October 21, 2020

So far, So good...

So you’re turning Nine! 

Nine is not considered a milestone year normally. It’s not your first, nor fifth which is normally a big celebration.

Nine is that birthday which is usually low key with the excuse that we will have a grand tenth birthday party. After all, that’s the first time you’ll go double digits.

But nine according to me - is significant.

Nine is exactly that moment when you are half your way to being an adult.

Adult. That’s a big word. 

The memory of you born nine years back is still so fresh that imagining you nine years later as an adult is something I don’t have words to describe the feeling. 

Thinking of you as an adult is scary, worrisome but most importantly sad. 


Ok, like I said, I don’t have the exact word.

When you’ll turn 18, you’ll be eligible to drive, which means I have only 9 years left to drive you around.

You’ll have the right to vote, which means not only will you have a valid opinion, but it will be considered legal too, so probably I won't be able to influence your thoughts and decisions like I do now. 

You can find a job, and work professionally. 

Which means you could be financially independent. (Don’t worry, I’m not hinting at anything). But on a serious note, you won’t always need to come to me for every small expense and you would be able to buy things that I say no to - with your own money.

Besides the privileges of being an adult, there are something’s that go beyond what you are allowed to do just legally.

In the next few years…

You might want to go abroad and study. 

You might have a few heartbreaks.

You could possibly have found what your calling in life is.

Like most teens and young adults, there will be days when you probably will feel lost, not good enough, incapable, unsuccessful, frustrated and so much more.

You might win and not celebrate the way you should. 

You might have a lot and yet think it’s not good enough.

On certain days, you might feel - not so beautiful. A pimple could bother you. A few extra pounds might shatter your confidence. 

A few harsh words could impact you deeply, anger you, and (I pray not) …change you.

And the more I think about the next few years, the more I realize that - I’m losing you. 

One of these days (and the scary part is we will never know which one) in the next few years will be a series of ‘lasts’.

The last time you might fall asleep in my lap.

The last time you put your head on my shoulder to cry on.

The last time you will want to sleep in our room.

The last time you would want to ‘willingly’ come for a vacation with us.

Or maybe a willingly to a movie with us. Or a dinner party. Or a family gathering.

The last time you will want us to come and drop you at school.

The last time you would depend on us to take you to someplace you want to go.

The last time you would trust our fashion choices, or for that matter any of our choices.

The last time you’d want to cuddle up and watch a cartoon movie at home with us. (Oh that ones already gone I guess)

I’m losing time… fast…really fast.

This ninth year is that inflection point when things can either turn downwards or upwards.

So here’s what we want to tell you.

If something’s bothering you, 

There’s a lap still waiting for you.

If there’s sadness, 

There's a shoulder you can cry on and rely on.

If there’s loneliness,

There’s a room you don’t need to knock on to enter.

If you think there’s no one,

There are two people for whom you are everyone.

If you’re stuck or fallen, 

We are always there to pick you up.

If you’re lost, 

We will guide you, with our limited knowledge but all our heart.

If your trust is broken, 

We can teach you to find it again.

If you’re stuck with choices (except fashion)

We are always there to hear you out.

And if you’re still in the mood to watch that cartoon movie (or any movie), 

A bucket of popcorn will always be waiting.

Nine – Here we go. Bring it on!

Let’s see what this one’s got in store for us.

Happy Birthday, Half Adult!

Monday, February 17, 2020

66 Blogs I didnt write :(

I havent written for almost 2 years now. Why? Don't ask. But if I would, and I could, I had multiple ideas and multiple stories. For now make do with 66 ideas which could have been blogs, but as of now they are just 66 pieces of advice I have from my life's learnings.

Whatever happens, happens for the best.

Always return a compliment.

Document your thoughts. Write often.

Be known for your smile.

Dance like no one is watching.

Laugh like no one is listening.

Laugh a lot, it’s contagious.

Find your God-given gift.

Family first always.
(no matter what)

Have a dog.
(learn from them, accept their love)

It’s ok to make mistakes.

Be Brave.

Be the first to say Sorry.

Listen to Lyrics. Feel songs.

Learn the value of compounding interest.

Know what it is to be the mediator.

Understand your pattern.

Never do business with friends and family.

Your Network = Net worth.

Remember people’s names.

Be associated with a Charity, a cause, an NGO.

Be a good listener.

Jack of all, Master of One.

Be the glue that binds.

Don’t adopt trends without thinking.

Be quick to adapt technology.

Take up Long distance running or any sport.

Stay emotional, it’s not a bad thing.

Believe good things will come.

Whoever you meet, will have a story with you.

When you cry, see how water goes down the basin.
That’s exactly how problems also disappear.

Don’t hold on too tight.

Take illness as a time to reflect.

Get lost when you travel.

Do something for your country. Do something for the world.

Review your life every month.
What was your high, what was your low,
what did you learn, how can you improve or change the situation?

Write a money autobiography on Money.
Understand your relationship with money.

Keep a doctor, a lawyer, a cop as close friends.


Notice what excites people.

See the goodness in people first.

Don’t be a calf.

Change No to No.1.


Be superstitious.
(in a productive way, and then dispel the ones that bind you)

Jo maa baap ka nahi, woh kisi ka nahi.

A funeral is more important that a celebration.
(never miss one)

You will find only what are you looking for.
(If you look for good you will find good. If you look for bad, you will find bad)

Build teams. Look for loyalty.

Have a 4am friend.

Don’t add fuel to the fire.

Zig when others Zag.

Find the good in bad situations.

What’s troubling you
could be what someone is wishing for.

Record Videos. Dont delete them.

Dress Colorful.

Treat yourself once a while.

Worship your Body.

Be the life of a party.

Heartbreak is ok.

Take care of your health.

Speak clearly, slowly, and passionately.

Chase goals madly.

Read books. Not just newspapers. (At least the synopsis)

Its doesn’t matter what people do to you, or what life does to you, what matters is what you do to yourself.

Don’t let other people choices, perceptions, and opinions, dictate your life.

Don't count advice. Count your blessings.