Friday, April 19, 2013

What's common between Destination and Designation?


In the early hours of the morning, a quiet group of friends gazed at the soft orange hue of the sky. The morning sun rose, scaring away the darkness of the night. At that moment, they decided that they too needed to rise, and break free from the darkness that envelops them. They needed to find and embrace joy.

Determined to achieve their blissful dream of Utopia, a land mentioned in innumerous holy scriptures, they set out on their journey with endless zeal and enthusiasm.

The land first kissed by the gentle rays of the sun. The endless humdrum clatter of the city drowned behind them as they headed into the forest with luggage heavy with essentials, and hearts light with hope.

Days passed as they crossed rapid streams, high mountains, treacherous valleys, and stormy weather.

Hopes gradually dwindled, as did the energy of their mind, body and souls. Soon, only few persevering friends were left with a journey still to continue.

Days later, paths were crossed with a sage dressed in orange, silently meditating and radiating in an ocean of monotone green. A sense of calm that was spread over the Sage as he opened his eyes and summoned the travellers over.
On hearing their story, the Sage calmly said that though their enthusiasm was admirable, it had clouded their line of vision and led them on the wrong path. In the excitement of reaching the destination, they had failed to see the signs that life had manifested as their guides.

Awakened, the travellers carried on their journey further in the direction that the Sage had directed them, with renewed enthusiasm. Soon, the signs and messages began to manifest.
The first night, a woman who saw one of them limping due to a fall, offered them riped mangoes and shelter, which helped them strive on at dawn, full of hope and strength.
At noon, a feeling of being lost started to shadow them. A man selling baskets met them and on hearing their story, drew them a map to a waterfall where it was said that the hearts strongest desires would come true. Exhausted by their struggle, the travellers stumbled down a trench as directed.
Suddenly, the whole world seemed to be thrown into chaos and everything vanished.
Then, a burst of bright white light thrust them onto their feet. On opening their eyes, they were bewildered at the marvels they saw. Pristine streams reflecting the wholesome bright moon, fireflies among the stars in the clear sky, the fragrance of flowers floating in the air, it was heaven.

Their Utopia.

At that moment, they thanked the guidance of the Sage, the help of the woman, and messages of the man, that helped them in achieving their hearts desire.


What is in it for you, when you read the story?
How does it help you in your life?
If these questions are on your mind, then read on further.

Each one of us in our professional lives, is given a designation.
If you look closely they each have a deeper meaning that just being a tag.
Analyse your designation, get to a deeper root of its meaning.

Being closer to Advertising, here is a small example...

The VISUALISERS are like the travellers with vision and dreams, high on enthusiasm, and efforts and never spared, but they cannot do this alone, they need help and guidance. They need to be shown the right path time and again, because the illusions of the journey can be misleading. Clarity of thought and message are essential.

The DIRECTOR directs us in the right direction, much like the experienced and wise Sage. The Director’s job is to show the way, more from a macro point of view. He has a larger vision in mind, for the company, the people, not just its brands and products, but also the end benefit on the whole.

The COPYWRITERS write clear messages and draw accurate maps, helping us reach our goal, same as the man who sold baskets. Same is the true for STRATEGISTS and PLANNERS. Keep people on the right path, in day to day operations, and the end result in mind. With loopholes checked, and threats covered, opportunities realised.

And the MANAGERS replenish our strengths, helping us exert and display our optimum best, just like the helpful woman. They manage the situation, help in operations, and assistance, to the on ground team

Without any of these building blocks of any organisation, success wouldn't be possible. It is only when all our efforts and strengths are amalgamated into one, does success prevail and an organisation reaches new and brilliant heights.

So the secret to the land of Utopia is to see the similarity between Designation and Destination.

Sit back a moment today, and reflect on your current designation, and the one you desire, someday...

PS: Thank you Takshama for help me put this thought in words.


  1. Very convinced
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