Friday, September 2, 2011

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Having a Official Synapse Facebook Group page, and encouraging employees to join it, has proved very useful to us in more ways than one.

We take effort to post news, creative work, and initiatives on the page and since we encourage our clients to join us too, we get their feedback, comments and views also.
The internal teams (unexposed to the client side) realize the kind of relationship we have with our clients, and their views straight from the horses mouth creates a sense of importance.

It’s like a wall-of-fame for the world to see and it makes them proud amongst peers, batch mates and the industry as a whole.

Most creative people (like back office staff) are unaware of the impact of their work in business numbers.  Here we effectively reach out with one shout, on achievements our brands have touched.

 Today a mention on Facebook and other social media, is as good as coming ‘in the news to people who matter’.

Its like a focused PR exercise for the company and its people. The team gets excited to have their ‘moment of fame’ in the online world.

It’s a feel good factor generation when a client posts his views on the work done, or their seniors praise them.

We are at a stage where we open the organizations activities not only to the staff,
but also to our clients, the industry and now also to the staff friends and family.

Overall a sense of pride and ownership flows through the organization in a transparent format.

We don’t fear bad comments being out there, as the group gets a sense of responsibility in posting what they do. There is always a danger of someone posting something silly on a certain tweet, but we have noticed a real sense of responsibility when people are posting their views. If something weird is said, it doesn’t really matter, as its taken in the right spirit.
After all it is also a fun place to be.

We see this method going to be more and more involving, rewarding and growing.
An alumni of ex employees is formed which might make people come back and join us again seeing this youthful approach.

Clients know the good work we are doing without meeting them again and again.
Publicity is gained at no cost to the right target audience.

There hasn’t been a better way to create ‘talkability’

Change is good, but it comes with its set of apprehensions.

If we take the path of clear communication...we avoid fear, and office gossips too.
It always good to go for something that’s tried and tested, but maybe then you already have missed the bus, and life has moved on.

Creating a fresh atmosphere is a daily job, and the management plays the role of a tree that has to provide a breath of fresh air everyday!

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