Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fwd that Smile

Just for a day, I want to work at a flower shop, as a delivery guy.

Just for one day, drive a Taxi.

Just for one day, wrap gifts at a mall.

Just for a day, work at an amusement park, manning the ride.


I'm curious to see the face of the person receiving the flowers at the door light up, blush or even turn red.

To experience the impatience of a person who has to reach an important meeting, or even better, a date and helping them reach on time.

To be part of making the presentation of the gift much nicer and more exciting.

To know that the ride is so exciting, that just making the experience worth waiting for is a joy in itself.

In my world of advertising - Closed door meetings, signed NDAs (Non disclosure agreements), brain storming sessions, daily executions, TTDs, and deadlines on various projects don’t allow me many a times to experience the true joy felt by the ultimate consumer of our product or service.

Does yours? 

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of a customer when they are enjoying the benefits of your hard work and passion.

The moment of truth when a person uses your product, your service or your end deliverable. Have you seen them smile, feel relieved or relaxed?

Then I ask myself, is there something I can do to feel that thrill on my client face?

What can I do to make my clients happy?

How do we rate our business deliverables - on the Happiness Scale?

Many a times, a client will get on the negotiation table to reduce the cost of what we offer. But let’s face it, getting the cost down for a go-to-market strategy, or a creative advertisement, or a film is not exactly how I’d like to satisfy my clients. It may give momentary ego massage but that’s not going to last long.

But if we give work on time, or before time, deliver a creative that’s beautiful and is witty, or clever – That is what gets us brownie points.

So just for a change, instead of focusing on OUR job satisfaction, if we simply focus on our customer’s satisfaction, I think it will serve as a paradigm shift in our workplace culture, and our overall job satisfaction. It will help reduce attrition, keep employees motivated and create a much happier workplace.

After all, there is more joy in giving, than getting.

I have seen the energy in my workplace when we get an appreciation letter from a satisfied client, and that cannot be measured to even monetary incentives.

So just for a moment, let’s think of our customers as the girl on the others side of the door.

Our product, a bouquet of flowers.

Our service, like that of the delivery boy’s

Our brand experience like the freshness of the petals.

If you thought of your job like that...

Would you get out of bed in the morning, more energetic, because you would be making someone happy by simply doing your job well?

Would you be on time to work?

Won’t you make your offering, the most beautiful one?

And the experience, worth remembering.

Would you smile a bit more?

Would you feel motivated to stay longer at work because you get smiles in return -for doing that bit to make the world a happier place?

It’s really not that difficult. Just ask yourself, who do you work for, and how can you make that person smile.

A company owner should think of his employees smiles.

A manager should think of his team’s smiles.

An executive should think of his customers smile.

A back office guy should think of his superiors smile.

and as a customer or client or a superior- Be generous to praise where it is worthy and return that smile.

If all just did our job to ensure that we make the other smile, and nothing else, imagine the change we could bring in workplaces.

So try it today.

Like the flower delivery guy - Focus on the customer.

Like that taxi driver- Deliver on time.

Like the girl who wraps the gift- Make the product, or presentation more beautiful and exciting.

Or the guy at the amusement park – Make the experience memorable.

You never know, what you will receive in return.

Good luck. Keep smiling and keep spreading it.

"Smile it Forward"