Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Bagful of Joy!

It’s Lyric’s christening and party today. 
The second child to my sister after the cutest angel I have ever seen in my life till date, Cadence.

Lyric, may seem like a funny name at first, but when you understand the history behind naming her, it'll sink in a little better.
The two sisters, Cadence which means music, and Lyric means.... yeah OK I know you know what it means.

So that’s why a perfect pair that add value to each other.

For some reason, I’m standing outside the party hall backdoor which overlooks a small group of shanties.  I’m standing here alone, and it is silent, except for a few frequent hustles from the nearby houses.

Thoughts lead me to how I haven’t been able to provide my family with a few things that I thought important. Of how, I haven’t been able to keep them happy because of my shortcomings and the thoughts lead me to a sudden kind of sadness that has taken over me like a storm in the dark night.

The past few years have been trying in more ways than one on many levels and fronts. I rush back my memory and recall instances where I haven’t lived up to expectations... of none other than myself.

I decided to take a short walk to make myself feel lighter, but instead the night seems to overtake my feelings even stronger. Lost in thoughts I walk further than I intended and realize that 
I’m in an unknown area surrounded by lame huts made of plastic and stick homes of some slum dwellers home.

My attention is drawn to a young man, in his late twenties, walking with a spring in his step and a shy smile on his face. He was carrying a polythene bag which contained something, and it looked like he was really happy.

I wondered, what could he be carrying?

What is it that is making him smile so much?

Something told me that I need to know.

I followed him a few steps, till he stopped at a makeshift door.

He knocked on the door and I heard a child squeal, “Babaaaa!”

A young girl clad in simple clothes ran up to him and jumped into his arms. They both looked like a picture of happiness. He hugged her so tight that she screamed till her put her down. He then took out a doll from his bag and gave it to her. The doll wasn't a branded one from an expensive store. It probably was picked up from a road side hawker for a few rupees. But more importantly, the man had spent a good amount of his earning of the day on that gift.

Then again, the joy on her face is not possible to put in words. The gleam in her eyes is indescribable.  She was speechless with joy. I could almost see a tear in the man’s eyes, while he walked away to meet the rest of the household after a tired days work.

Cadence, Lyric and my dear little one who will join you soon...

Lifes like that. 


  1. Terrific story Aleem, I don't reply or comment to blogs and the like but I had to this time. Gopal

  2. Really nice thts true Life Aleem

  3. A bagful of joy indeed. We search for it all the time, sometimes, i guess it helps in knowing where to look :)

  4. aaawwww!!! this one got me tears...
    how nice :) a bagful of joy indeed!!!!